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Masala Spice accomplishment depends upon our kin. Our diners can prosper and offer opportunities to business and advancement when we reliably create ourselves, and the work we do. We see in any case, that accomplishment isn't assessed by sales, guest checks, and numbers alone. We are evaluated as much by the way by which we achieve our targets, as we are by the authentic achievements themselves. We acknowledge that a vow to strong characteristics and dependability should reliably control our decisions and exercises as we look for after our destinations.

Taste would be what it is without our Chef’s. They are the heartbeat. The vitality. The energy. The information. The empathy.

Raj S. - Executive Chef/Owner

Masala spice is a restaurant owned & managed by our Executive Chef Rajesh Selvarathnam (Chef Raj), who makes sure to give an eye for detail and promises to serve only the best of the best of the best ingredients, as he’s been a proud chef for the past 23yrs and still strives to learn and better himself and his creations to deliver nothing but smiles to our valued guests .

Chef Raj having worked around the globe with Restaurants which have surely made a mark in the culinary world, to name a few would be Amber Indian Restaurant (San Francisco), Bon Appetit (San Francisco) and Hilton group of Hotels (Abu Dhabi, UAE).


Now Chef takes on for his personal Endeavor to deliver his own Skill & Art to the People of the Good Land, Goleta, Santa Barbara.

Exec Chef Rajesh Selvarathnam
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